Saturn’s Prehistory

March 18, 2010

Tom The Dancing Bug



March 17, 2010

The Far Left Side

Yes Please

March 11, 2010

Hacked IRL

Too True

March 7, 2010

Let There Be Blogs


March 7, 2010


Pique Interest

March 6, 2010

funny graphs and charts
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I Can Has Science

March 6, 2010

Lemmy Caution, at Alphaville


March 5, 2010

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Dr. Phil Plait’s response is here.

Or, Depending on Weight, Much Farther

March 1, 2010

Luke Surl; posted with the alt text, “If your BMI is precisely zero then you are probably a ghost. Your health is a bit of a moot point now.”

Science TV Shows for Klingons and Vulcans

February 26, 2010

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal I’d actually prefer the second to the first, I think.