Scientists Baffled


So here we go.  I created this blog site when I first registered with WordPress late last spring, but have been uncertain what to do with.  Well, I have decided:  I’m going to use it to post sciencey (and sometimes slightly political, as above) comics and other funnies. The emphasis will undoubtedly end up on geology and other earth sciences, which are my favorites.  The title, “Well, That’s Odd,” is a reference to what may be the most important state of mind in human history (after hmmm… I’d hit that).  It’s a recognition that something’s not right, something unexpected has occurred, something is not explainable… yet.  When I saw James Burke lecture at OSU, something like 20 years ago, he made a compelling case that laughter is a release of tension, when suddenly one understands a situation that is incomprehensible, and therefore potentially threatening, is not, in fact a threat at all.  So science and humor are like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups: two great tastes that taste great together.

I know there are people who wade through a lot of nonsense on my other blog to find the nonsense they like.  So I wanted to make it easier for those looking for science humor.  Some, but not all, items will be posted at both sites.

That’s okay, right?


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