A True and Accurate Depiction

Well, that’s odd… I’m already learning something about this platform.  If I figure right, the above should get bigger and more readable if you click on it.  If not, I’ll fix it some other time.  I’m sure my cat misses me, and I’m ready to go home.  This was from the first week on my other blog, and I still love it.  Don’t remember the source; if you know, let me know.  I like to credit sources, but I wasn’t very good at first.

I also much enjoy the fact that the realm of the mole men is directly above the matchless socks zone.  The mole men must be awfully comfy, or awfully tired of the reek.  I suspect the former, as socks’ mates generally disappear in the dryer.


One Response to “A True and Accurate Depiction”

  1. pygalgia Says:

    The blow up function seems to be working fine.
    Science humor? I can get into that.

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